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After three decades living with depression  I took my own life in December 2014. That worked. At least for five minutes until I was resuscitated. Two years later my life partner committed suicide. He suffered a life time, 49 years, from depressions and suicidal thoughts. He was not brought back to life.


In the same year I founded the project TREES of MEMORY. Since March 2018, I have been hiking around the world and planting trees in memory of suicide victims. I inform people about the possibilities of escaping depression and I fight against the stigma of suicide and for an open approach in society to this illness.


In a mixture of biographical episodes and my personal life perspectives, I depict the journey into the mental underworld and back into the light. Sometimes I describe my emotions in a richly illustrated way, sometimes I am direct, unembellished and tough, in order to take the reader on a journey back into life and into a future. I add some helpful philosophical aspects too.

Readers voice:
He impressively describes how he counters and eliminates his depressions and suicidal tendencies.

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Depressions  can show up with
1000 different faces
there are 1000 helpful ways
to deal with depressions and
suicidal thoughts
Let me show you mine and discover
a new perspective for you
in order to find your way
back into the light of a happy and fullfilled life
Reader REviews

A relentlessly honest, authentic and emphatic mixture of autobiography and guide to a meaningful life after great tragedies have shaken or buried our existence.
Ildi Wittner

Ildi Wittner

Video diary of my
hike around the world